UX Research & Product Incubation

In 2 months from rough ideas to healthy new product developments 

Your Needs

Your Benefit


1) New projects must start with evaluating the open needs in the market.

2) The incubation phase of an innovation idea should be fast and of high quality.

3) The capacity to evaluate all of our great ideas is limited.

1) Our Customer Discovery Interviews provide a crystal clear understanding of unmet needs.

2) We acquire potential new pilot customers for you from the UX research interviews.

3) Benefit from our speed. In two months you get UX research, a product prototype and a business model.

4) Our focus on early-stage product developments is your high-quality-result-guarantee.


2-Month Project Format



  • We sign your NDA
  • Idea Description & Scoping
  • Kick-Off Meeting


  • UX Research Interviews
  • Figma Prototype
  • Customer Validation
  • BizMo Development


  • Customer Interview Insights
  • List of potential pilot customers
  • App Prototype in Figma
  • BizMo Proposal

Your Team

Your Price

23.000 € for a 2 month project.

Your Savings

Normally, you need a 2-person team to do this for 3 months. This frees up 6 person-months of internal capacity. 

With an average salary for innovation managers, your internal costs amount to €45,000 for salaries only. Thus, you save 22.000 €.